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The Best Torrent Search Engines

We selected the best and the most popular torrent search engines and added them to Katapulco's list of search engines. You can search any of these torrent search engines with the shortcuts listed on this page.

  •   (Shortcut: m)
  •   (Shortcut: str)
  • Torrentz   (Shortcut: tz)
  • YouTorrent  - A meta torrent search engine, aggregating results from Mininova, The Pirate Bay, Vuze and among others.   (Shortcut: ytr)
  • And remember that you can search these torrent search engines using only shortcuts, no mouse clicking necessary if you set as your search home page. is the ultimate search home page if you want to improve your search productivity. It will let you search the above-mentioned torrent search engines with quick shortcuts, along with 90+ other useful search engine shortcuts.

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