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Search online dictionaries on the fly with Katapulco's keyboard shortcuts. For synonym or definition searches, our favorite method consists in making Katpulco our home page and bringing it up with either Ctrl-N (new browser), Ctrl-T (new tab) or Alt-Home (go to home page). That method makes Katapulco an instantly available word search console that you can invoke when you need it then return to what you were doing and so on.

  •  - Mainly a super dictionnary but also features Wikipedia documents and google search results   (Shortcut: a)
  • Merriam-Webster   (Shortcut: mw)
  • Babelfish Translation (English to French)   (Shortcut: bef)
  • Traduction Babelfish (français à anglais)   (Shortcut: bfe)
  • Babelfish Translation (Spanish to English)  - BabelFish translation from Spanish to English   (Shortcut: bse)
  • Babelfish Translation (English to Spanish)  - BabelFish translation from English to Spanish   (Shortcut: bes)
  •   (Shortcut: t)
  •   (Shortcut: d)
  • Spanish To English   (Shortcut: tse)
  • English To Spanish   (Shortcut: tes)
  • French To English   (Shortcut: tfe)
  • English To French   (Shortcut: tef)
  • Wiktionary  - Open dictionary, similar to Wikipedia   (Shortcut: wy)
  • Google Translate English To Danish  - Translate from English to Danish   (Shortcut: ted)
  • Google Translate English To Danish  - Translate from Danish to English   (Shortcut: tde)
  • English To Hindi  - Translate from English to Hindi   (Shortcut: teh)
  • Hindi To English  - Translate from Hindi to English   (Shortcut: the)
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