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The Best Medical Search Engines

If you are a health professional or simply concerned with your health, you probably know some of the medical search engines listed herein. We selected the most popular medical search engines which provide medication information and prices, articles from medical publications and more. Feel free to suggest additional medical search engines.

The sites we list here are all among the best medical search engines, but according to us, the very best medical search engines are (for unparalleled medical price search) and Medline, to search accross governmental medical articles.

  • SearchMedica  - Search health-related publications only. Results are sorted by the most recent date.   (Shortcut: sm)
  • HealthPricer  - Compare prices on medication and other health products   (Shortcut: hp)
  • OrganizedWisdom  - Human-powered health search engine   (Shortcut: ow)
  • MedLine Plus  - Search definitions, drug information, tutorials and medical terms. A service from the U.S. National Library Of Medicine.   (Shortcut: ml)
  • HealthiNation  - HealthiNation searches for medical videos “that educate and inspire”.   (Shortcut: hna)
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