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Katapulco looks like other similar products, doesn't it?

No, not really. Other search pages do not empower keyboard shortcuts for the benefit of those who do not like leaving the keyboard to reach for a mouse or a touchpad. While other search pages require the user to click and scroll a number of times, Katapulco allows you to move without actually using the touchpad or the mouse. That’s because, at Katapulco, we hate wasting our time! So if that’s what you hate as well, then Katapulco should help you save some time.

Of course, on your first five or six searches, you will need to refer to the list of keyboard shortcuts to find those that you need. However you should know your favorite shortcuts by heart, especially the ones that are intuitive and easy to remember. For example, Google Maps is simply "gm" and Merriam-Webster (dictionary) is "mw" while Yahoo News is "yn". It's that simple!

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