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Who is Katapulco for?

Katapulco is for any Internet user who wants to save time and be more productive. However, it should particularly appeal to the following kind of users:

  • Writers/Journalists/Bloggers:These users are constantly looking for the exact definition of words while blogging or writing. So, here’s a super easy way for all the writers/Journalists/Bloggers! You just have to type Ctrl-N (assuming katapulco is your home page), type the word then "a" or "mw" in the keyboard shortcut box and hit "Enter". Once finished, just press "Alt-F4" to close the window and you are back to what you were doing.
  • Students:Need an encyclopedia entry? Use the "w" shortcut. Word check? Follow the steps mentioned above. Still better, simply make Katapulco your home page and type Ctrl-N from any browser window to do a punctual search.
  • Compulsive Internet users:Search videos, torrents, images, news, maps, eBay items or movie information, all from one page at a time.

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